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Miguel Prudêncio - Group Leader, Investigador FCT, Estímulo ao Emprego Científico FCT


I initiated my research career in the field of Malaria in 2004. In 2008 I was hired as a Principal Investigator at the Malaria Unit of iMM Lisboa. In July 2013 I became a Group Leader at iMM Lisboawas appointed Invited Associate Professor of the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa in March 2019.

My current research interests include the elucidation of novel aspects of the biology of Plasmodium infection, the identification of new host-parasite interactions, and the development of new prophylactic and vaccination strategies against malaria.

I was Head of the Biosafety Level 3 Facility of the IMM between 2010 and 2016. I am a member of the IMM Biosafety Commission and the scientific supervisor of this Facility. I am a founding member of the IMM spin-off company ROPLAVAC.

António MendesPost-doctoral fellow - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FCT (

I am a postdoctoral fellow currently working on the development of a new whole-organism vaccination strategy for Malaria. This project, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, aims to establish live rodent Plasmodium parasites as a naturally attenuated immunizing agent capable of presenting to the human immune system a variety of antigens of human Plasmodium in a  safe and physiological manner, leading to the build up of a protective responsive capable of preventing the establishment of new infections. 

Diana Fontinha - Post-doctoral fellow, iBET-Merck


Three dimensional (3D) culture systems more closely resemble in vivo conditions. My project aims at implementing Plasmodium infection in 3D hepatic cell models. Once established, this system will be used as a screening tool for novel anti-malarial drugs.

Helena Cabaço - Post-doctoral fellow, MVI, FCT


Ana Margarida Vaz* - PhD Student - Lisbon BioMed


The main goal of my project is to unveil the influence of a Plasmodium infection on a subsequent Trypanosoma infection, and vice-versa, using a rodent model. Through the use of molecular biology and immunofluorescence techniques, this study tries to further understand the biology of each parasite.

Raquel Azevedo - PhD student, IEFP, FCT


Adriana Temporão* - PhD student, INTERFACE


Diana Alves Moita - PhD student, FCT


Filipa Teixeira - Laboratory and Insectary Technician - FCT, MVI, Merck

Denise Francisco - Manager of P. falciparum facility, Merck

Isabel Moules - Master's student FMUL
Madalena Carvalho - Master's student FCUL

Francisca Arez - PhD student @ iBET and iMM

Carolina Vinagreiro - PhD student @ University of Coimbra and iMM

Pedro Rego
- PhD Student @ Instituto Superior Técnico / Smartfreez and iMM


Jorge Grilo - PhD Student @ Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon and iMM



* - Co-supervised by Luísa Figueiredo, Figueiredo Lab @ IMM